Adam Taylor CFTe (3)

Adam is currently the Director at a Forex and CFD firm based in London, UK. Having worked on the trading desk for several years, he has developed wide-ranging experience within the markets, particularly in the field of technical analysis, with a focussed interest in both the Point and Figure method and Ichimoku Cloud Theory. Adam is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe), and is a member of the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) as well as the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA).

Ahmad Lokman MSTA CFTe MATA (28)

Ahmad Lokman graduated in Energy System Engineering from Fachhochschule Hannover, Germany. He is very experienced in power and energy sector for working as an engineer for more than 5 years. He started trading in currency, equities and futures since 2013. He combines Elliot Wave analysis with price action and fundamental drive to understand market move and projection prior to position the trade. He is now a licensed representative from Security Commission Malaysia and attached at Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd. He manages his own funds and also a proprietary trader of several Forex Brokers. He conducts investment classes and personal coaching for retail clients from all over Malaysia, and has made appearances on business TV, and gives talks to government agency regarding investment risk and potential. Ahmad Lokman is a holder of STA diploma (MSTA) with the Society of Technical Analyst (STA), United Kingdom. He  is a professional member of the Malaysian Association Of Technical Analyst (MATA).

TA certification: MSTA, CFTe

Akif Din (31)

Akif began his trading career from the London Academy of Trading after completing an accredited Level 5 Diploma in Professional Applied Financial Market Trading. He then went on to manage a fund at a proprietary trading firm within the City trading multiple asset classes over multiple timeframes and has recently begun writing daily reports on G10 FX, Equity markets and Commodities at the firm. Akif joined the Society of Technical Analysts in February 2018 to gain the MSTA (and CFTe) designation. He focuses on European Indices, FX and Commodities.
TA qualifications: Diploma in Professional Applied Financial Market Trading

Prof. Aldo Lagrutta CEWE, MSTA, CFTe, (32)

Prof. Aldo Lagrutta is a Certified Financial Technician from the International Federation of Technical Analysts. He holds several financial market designations, including the coveted Certified Elliott Wave Analyst, Member of the Society of Technical Analysis and the CFTe. He's also a recipient of the Bronwen Wood Prize bestowed by the Society of Technical Analysis in London. Lagrutta has been teaching the Wave Principle for more than 10 years and is the founder of and a professional trader education company that offers easy to use and highly effective indicators along with in-depth comprehensive educational programs. As a yoga acharya, certified success coach and professional concert artist, he has specialised knowledge and training in the field of performance psychology which he successfully integrates into all his training programs. Currently, he is the COO at Stanton Analytics, a company that serves 8 of the top 10 major oil corporations in the world.

Anatoli Antonov MSTA (5)

Amplify Trading intern - short term macro news driven strategies

Renegade futures (Singapore) - worked on the creation of predictive model for commodities based on cycles and southern oscillation index

Global Macro Capital - Head of Technical analysis. Utilising his technical framework for timing macro driven fundamental ideas.

2018 he started his own technical analysis research, providing weekly commentary -

Anatoli’s competence include:

• Statistical Distribution of Asset Returns, OHLC Volatility calculation, Implied Volatility Assessment across Equities, Currencies, Commodities, Rates.

• Top Down Macroeconomic Asset Selection Process – Trade Idea Generation (Indices, Commodities, Currencies and Rates).

• Top Down and Bottom Up appraisal for Sector and Stock selection. GDP Correlations (Lag Effects) to Asset Prices, Industry Sector (Value Chain) analysis, Stock analysis (Fundamental, Technical, Price Action) - Trade Idea Generation for Alpha.

• Risk Management – Watchlist generation (Technical & Price Action overlay), Trade Selection.

His 4 stage technical framework place emphasis on cyclicality and sentiment:

Environment - assessing the investment landscape from ratio analysis and relative strength perspective Tendency - cyclical and seasonality biases

Condition - sentiment assessment of bulls and bears (DSI, COT, short ratio etc.)

Trigger - entry and exit

Member of the Society of Technical Analysts UK, holder of MSTA

BA (Honours) degree in Business from Northumbria University

Aung Thein Tun MSTA, CFTe, Chartered MCSI (31)

Aung Thein Tun has been working in the financial markets since 2005 as a technical analyst and trainer.

His research and analysis coverage include FX, commodities, stocks, and indices. He specialises in trading strategy development, forecasting financial markets, and researching technical indicators. He is delivering STA Diploma training courses, and CISI accredited capital market related training courses at IBIM.

He is also leading the Society of Technical Analysts’ Myanmar Chapter. He is a Chartered Member of Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) and a member of Society of Technical Analysts (STA, UK). He is also working as a chief financial advisor for MICAN investment.

TA Qualifications: MSTA, CFTe, Chartered MCSI

Ben Yung (22)

Ben Yung is Senior Vice President in Wealth Management Department of South China Financial. His primary responsibility is to provide sound and logical rule-based trading algorithms to high net-worth clients and also multiple strategies to funds. Before joining South China Financial, Ben was Head of Investment Education and Research. Besides designing trading strategies for fund managers, he also delivered speeches, held investment seminars and published articles on Technical Analysis and Quantitative Trading. Ben joined the financial industry in 1994. For over 10 years, Ben has been the program designer and instructor for Peak College, Vocational Training Council of Hong Kong, in technical and quantitative trading strategies. Renown clients includes HSBC, BOC, BEA, ICBC, AIA, Prudential, Manulife and etc. Ben has great enthusiasm in exploiting market anomalies and converts the findings into trading strategies. He also provides consultation to APP developers in China in formulating quantitative trading strategies. In mid of the decade, Ben extends the area of interest to Crypto currency. He starts delivering consultation to a Crypto currency trading exchange lately.

Cedric Thompson CMT (21)

I am a Senior Portfolio Manager of the leading Mutual Fund company in the English-speaking Caribbean that has an AUM of approximately US$3Bn. The portfolios I manage comprise mainly traditional asset classes, however, I also trade alternative assets, particularly stock index, forex (including bitcoin) and commodity CFDs. A couple highlights in my career has been launching the 1st tradeable index fund in the Caribbean and a dissertation on US Sector Rotation. I have been a Chartered Market Technician since 2014, one of two in the English-Speaking Caribbean and I am a recent graduate from Cass Business School.
TA qualifications: Chartered Market Technician

Céline Semaan, MSTA (3)

Céline Semaan,assistant portfolio manager at a leading Asset Management firm in Lebanon and holder of the STA Diploma, I have graduated from Grenoble Graduate School of Business with an MSc Finance, and I have 2 years of experience in Trading and Financial Market Analysis at Amplify Trading and the London Academy of Trading.
TA qualifications: - MSc Finance - Diploma level 5 in Trading and Financial Market Analysis accredited by the London Institute of Banking and Finance. - Diploma level 5 in Applied Financial Trading accredit by the Association of Business Executive ABE UK. - Certificate in Practical Options Trading. - STA Diploma level 1 and 2.

David Cheetham (3)

David Cheetham is the Chief Market Analyst at XTB UK who began his career trading Brent futures on a prop desk. David took the job after completing an MSc in Banking and Finance at Newcastle University. After initially trading Brent futures, he quickly expanded to cover WTI and some fixed income markets. After two years he branched out and started trading for himself, covering a wider range of assets including indices and FX whilst maintaining his core focus on Oil. David actively trades most asset classes. Whilst his approach is predominantly technical, he is well aware of fundamental drivers impacting markets and uses a combination of both when selecting his trades.

Francis Bray CFTe MSTA (8)

I am a qualified technical analyst with over 30-years experience covering the financial markets, starting from the stock market crash of October 1987.  I achieved my Diploma from the Society of Technical Analysts in 1997, and my career has afforded me the opportunity to work for companies such as the London International Stock Exchange, Informa Global Markets, and at Dow Jones International, where I was its Chief Technical Analyst for Europe between 2009 and 2015. As well as everyday analysis, my work at Dow Jones was frequently printed in the Wall Street Journal. Chart analysis has been a key component throughout my career, covering Equities, FX, Commodities, Bonds, and Stock Indices. I have expanded this to include the new kids on the block, Cryptocurrencies.

2006 CFTe (Certified Financial Technician, grandfathered).

1997 MSTA (Member of the Society of Technical Analysts).

1994 Registered Futures and Options Representative.

Gavin Pannu, MSTA, CFTe

Gavin has over five years’ experience in providing market analysis and employs a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. He has been working at the London Academy of Trading as a senior analyst and mentor, conducting training programs for traders. Gavin has a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) award from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) and has completed the Society of Technical Analyst (STA) program and a Member of the Society of Technical Analyst (MSTA). Gavin has been regularly quoted in leading financial publications.

Guven Baykus (12)

Guven established the FX Markets Department in the company and currently handle the leading of the execution and treasury teams in the department. He also has the responsibility of Development and management of all aspects of FX Sales and Marketing operations, including New Business Sales, Premium Client Management, Trading, PR/Media and Education. He Conducts research on money markets and macro- micro economies, advanced fundamental and technical analysis. He also interprets Financial Markets on television channels in Turkey.

Guven has a master's degree abaout Quantitative Finance.

Hon Cheung Lee MSTA CFTe (6)

Hon Cheung Lee is a technical analyst and trading educator. He founded, which provides market commentary and educational resources for traders and investors. He is a member of the Society of Technical Analysts (MSTA) and a holder of the Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) designation.

Specialties: Technical Analysis, Intermarket Analysis, Investment Psychology, Trading System Development.

Jackson Wong PhD (325)

Jackson has over 10 years experience as a financial analyst. Previously a director of Stockcube Research as head of Investors Intelligence providing market timing advice and research to some of the world largest institutions and hedge funds. Jackson’s expertise include global macroeconomic investment strategy, statistical backtesting, asset allocation, and cross-asset research. Jackson has a PhD in Finance from Durham University.

Jonathan Riachi, MSTA, CFTe (14)

Jonathan Riachi is a Certified Financial Technician from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), holder of the Society of Technical Analysts diploma (STA) and a member of the Society of Technical Analysts (MSTA).  Jonathan has an MSc Finance from Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France, and currently studying Quantitative Finance at the CQF institute, London. He has over two years of experience in Financial Trading and Technical Analysis at the London Academy of Trading and Amplify Trading, and has acquired two level 5 diplomas in "Applied Financial Trading" accredited by the London Institute of Banking and Finance and the Association of Business Executives. Jonathan is currently a quantitative trader trainee at the London Trading Group.


I’m a qualified financial technical analyst with MSTA UK and holder of CFTe® USA qualifications. I enjoy charting financial technical analysis and forecasting price actions. TA qualifications: 1. MSTA UK 2. CFTe® US 3. Professional Certificate in Technical Analysis, Asia eUniversity, Malaysia (PCFTA)

Kamran Sheikh MSTA (15)

Kamran has been practicing TA since mid 1990s. His last role was at Informa Global Markets (formerly MCM and S&P's MMS), where he worked as a technical analyst for nearly 11 years at their London offices. He was a member of a global team of technical analysts, producing 24 hour live analysis for their subscribers, which included top investment banks, central banks, fund/hedge fund managers and other big market players). Kamran has in depth knowledge and experience of using TA on all time scales, developing trading strategies and trading systems. He has a special interest in inter-market and cross asset technical analysis. Kamran holds STA diploma in TA and he has passed levels 1 & 2 of the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) program (MTA/CMT Institute, USA). Currently he is learning to code, with an aim to incorporate machine/deep learning into his analysis.

Kevin Bull MSTA (2)

I have been studying technical analysis since 2008. I completed the STA Diploma in 2010 and have spent time in America with an author of several leading publications on Technical Analysis. I have been trading my own funds throughout this period on a full-time basis. My journey into trading was the same as everyone else’s; I suffered losses, year after year after year. My attitude to trading wasn’t correct, why would it have been? I’d never operated in such an environment before. Throughout the years I have continued to study TA, and most specifically the Elliott Wave Principal. TA is not the barometer of how much money you will make or lose in trading. TA forms only one part. There are 4 parts. Before you trade a single penny, you must be able to answer the following question, honestly, “What am I looking for?” If you can’t answer this, what exactly are you trading? Or more to the point, what exactly are you doing? Gambling? Don’t!

Kyriacos Pavlou CFTe, MSTA, IFTA (45)

Master’s Degree focused in Finance from the Cyprus International Institute of Management. FX technical analyst with 10 years exposure on technical and fundamental analysis, and a Certified Financial Technician recognized by the Society of Technical Analysts as well as the International Federation of Technical Analysts. Furthermore I am a full member of the society of technical analysts. Qualified two quarters on Bloomberg FX forecasting on G13 currencies, 2Q 2018 4th position as well as a 7th position in 3Q 2018. Accomplished a 1st place on USDCAD globally for 3Q 2018.

Milan Vaishnav CMT MSTA (27)

Milan Vaishnav, CMT, MSTA is a qualified Independent Technical Research Analyst at his Research Firm, Gemstone Equity Research & Advisory Services in Vadodara, India. As a Consulting Technical Research Analyst and with his experience in the Indian Capital Markets of over 15 years, he has been delivering premium India-focused Independent Technical Research to the Clients. He presently contributes on a daily basis to ET Markets and The Economic Times of India. He also authors one of the India's most accurate "Daily / Weekly Market Outlook" -- A Daily / Weekly Newsletter, currently in its 15th year of publication

Mohd Ruzaidi DTA CFTe MD (11)

Mohd Ruzaidi is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) accredited by International Federation of Technical Analysts, also holds Diploma in Technical Analysis accredited by Society of Technical Analysis of United Kingdom, in which he is also a member of the society(MSTA) and also member of Malaysian Association of Technical Analysts(MATA). He has been verily interested and exposed to trading and investment since his childhood as to start putting his money in various trust fund before he starts to trade and invest directly in stock exchanges. His exposure was led by his parent who consistently teach him about saving and investment to improve quality of live. He is also a registered medical practitioner in Malaysia who practice Aesthetic and General Medicine.

Petros Theodoulou CFTe, MSTA (33)

Petros currently works as a Broker at an investment firm in Cyprus. His experience focuses on teaching of economics at a high school level and on the preparation of technical analysis reports for intra-day, daily and medium-term trends on indices, futures/commodities and FX spots. Petros holds an MSc in Economic Analysis and a BSc in Economics both from the University of Cyprus. Currently, he is an Associate Member of the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) and a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe).

Rajan Dhall MSTA (12)

Rajan lectures for the Society of Technical Analysts at the London School of Economics and is a senior market analyst at FX Daily. He has previously worked as a fund manager and now provides commentary for some of the biggest websites in the world. Rajan analyses the main macro markets using tools like market profile, wave analysis and Fibonacci.

Richard Adcock MSTA (20)

Richard Adcock MSTA Richard founded Adcock Analysis Ltd 18 months ago, having worked for Brevan Howard, and was formerly Global Head of Technical Strategy for UBS. He specialises in Candlestick analysis, combining it with momentum and trending techniques to establish both long and short-term trading strategies. In 2017 and 2018, Adcock Analysis was voted top Independent Research House for FX, while Richard was top Fixed Income Technical strategist for 2009, 2011 and 2013, in the Technical Analyst magazine annual poll.
TA qualifications: Executive Committee Member of the Society of Technical Analysts MSTA

Richard Berry

Richard has been a broker for 20 years most recently at Investors Intelligence and previously acting as multi asset derivatives broker at MF Global (Man Financial).

Rod David (2)

Try my chaRTroom for one week free. [CLICK HERE]

I developed analytical techniques that are designed to efficiently identify targets and turning points for any liquid stock or market in any time frame. I primarily apply my technique to analyzing S&Ps, generating several round-turn candidates daily. The methodologies are also applied to other high-profile futures markets to generate an opinion and to identify specific actionable parameters. I publish my setups intraday on a blog at, where I also host a live "charting room" webinar to graphically depict my patterns and targets in real-time.

Previously I was a Contributing Editor for optionMONSTER where I produced the Index Trader blog, providing intraday timing signals and targets in S&Ps and other futures markets. Prior to that, I founded in 1995, one of the original technical analysis web sites. Through AvidTrader, I launched the web's first free-access trader's chatroom in 1996 for technical analysis newcomers and experts from around the world to mingle throughout the trading day. Through the chat forum, I produced and hosted an ongoing series of live interviews with many well-known chartists and technicians. My guests included John Bollinger who created Bollinger Bands, Gerald Appel, creator of MACD, Marc Chaikinwho created the original Money Flow indicator, George Lane, creator of the Stochastic indicator, and Tom DeMark who is best known for his TD Sequential indicator. Other notable interviewees were John Murphy, Bill Williams, Peter Eliades, Linda Raschke, Van Tharp, Glenn Neely and Arch Crawford.

My analysis has been published or quoted in MarketWatch, CNBC, Minyanville, The New York Times, Trader Daily, Futures Magazine, and Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, among others. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Park University and reside in the Kansas City area.
TA qualifications: Market Technicians Association - Level 3  CMT Candidate - previous Series 7, Series 63, Series 3 holder.

Sam Bloxham MSTA (30)

Having run his own business for the past 14 years, Sam started taking an interest in stock markets in 2014. Whilst looking into different ways of analysing stocks and indices he came across technical analysis. Sam has spent the last 3 years studying technical analysis and trading and completed the Society of Technical Analysts diploma in 2017.

Samuel Hogg Chartered MCSI, MSTA, CFTe

I currently work in the wealth management sector and have over 20 years’ experience in the financial markets. I have achieved Chartered status with the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), as well as having the certificate in Investment Management (IMC) from the CFA Society of the UK. I am also a member of the Society of Technical Analysts (MSTA) in the UK, and a member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (CFTe) as well as being a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Level 3 candidate which is awarded by the Market Technicians Association.

Shaun Downey (28)

Winner of the Technical Analysis Book of the Year 2014, Mapping Your Voyage of Discovery, Shaun Downey is a veteran of the markets and a globally recognized name in the world of Technical Analysis. He began his career in 1979 at age 16 with Rudolf Wolff Commodity brokers. Initially, he specialized in Softs and Grains, then moved into the the oil market and eventually became head of FX hedging and market making. A switch to Fulton Prebon eighties saw him move into Bond trading and Options, followed by a move to Australia as Global Head of trading handling interest rate, commodity and currency risk. He has run various private funds and and traded all asset classes including individual stocks.
Shaun has been writing a a variety of technical analysis commentaries for the professional and retail market since 1991and mentors his customer base who use his unique methods, based on his first book Trading Time: New Methods in Technical Analysis published in 2006. He spent 20 years at CQG where he had the unique opportunity to learn, create and test all things technical and brings a wealth of experience having met thousands of traders in dealing rooms around the world.

Grandfathered member of the Society of Technical Analysts


For over 15 years I have been involved in trading the financial markets. I have managed the largest trading floor in Europe, I have risk managed some of London's top traders and also traded myself on most of the world's largest exchanges. When it comes to trading there is not much I have not done. 7 years Chief market strategist at Published author ‘Ruff guide to trading’ Regulated fund manager (FCA) Creator of - Meta Stock Designer of the charting system - MT4 Writer of the 'Trade for life' webinar series Premium presenter

Tarquin Coe (5)

Tarquin’s academic background involved a bachelor’s degree in Ecology from Lancaster University in the U.K. That subject, coupled to a fascination with financial market pricing, fostered a unique and innovative approach to analyzing the market ecosystem, an entity he considers to be just a technological manifestation of nature. To harness ideas, he studied further, a Graduate Degree in Software Engineering at Kingston University, London, where he achieved a Distinction. He then achieved another distinction, in the U.K.’s Society of Technical Analysts Diploma, studied at the London School of Economics. Tarquin also runs a trading opportunity service for institutional and professional traders.

Taso Anastasiou MSTA (12)

Taso is an experienced technical strategist focused on developing both trend following and contra-trending approaches. He is the founder of Mixani Analytics which focuses on developing rule based strategies using technical analysis inputs to support both trading and analysis through the use of algorithms. Taso was formerly a senior technical strategist with UBS and before that with MMS International. He has excellent knowledge of Elliott-wave theory, the Japanese Candlestick method, Point and Figure charting, and Hurst Cycle Analysis. He uses these approaches together with rule based tools to develop both short and medium to longer-term outlooks and strategies. TA qualifications: MSTA

Dan Turmacu CFT, MSTA (21)

Dan has been analysing professionally financial markets for more than a decade. His career was spent serving both in the banking industry and asset management. Dan’s expertise includes global macroeconomics, corporate banking and portfolio management. He has Master degrees from both French Pantheon Assas Paris II University and British London Metropolitan University.
TA qualifications: CFT, MSTA

Thierry Laduguie MSTA IMRO (13)

Thierry is trading strategist at A proprietary trader, investment adviser, analyst and writer who has been delivering products and services to retail and corporate investors since 2000. Speciality: Stock market analysis & forecast, sentiment analysis, Elliott wave analysis, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, Gold, dollar, intraday / short term / long term. I am a member of the Society of Technical Analysts and I hold the Investment Management Certificate. I started to give trading advice in 2002 with One Way Bet where I was responsible for the UK Stock Tips and FTSE Intra-day services, then with Fleet Street Publications where I was the editor of the Spread Trader tip sheet. I have worked with leading hedge funds as an advisor and have written many articles for publications including Money Week and various research websites. TA qualifications: MSTA Unit 01 UK Regulation and Markets Investment Management Certificate (IMRO)