Why this low could be a bottom.

November 30, 2018 Rod David 0

A number of factors have begun aligning with each other, offering Crude Oil an opportunity to end its two-month collapse from trading 50% higher. That two-month old 76.55 high had been the first breakout from […]


WTI Cracks Below 50 Bucks A Barrel

November 29, 2018 Akif Din 0

WTI Crude Oil maintained its miserable theme with prices falling below 50 bucks a barrel. An increase in US crude inventories and uncertainty around an upcoming OPEC meeting is keeping oil markets under pressure.  US […]


Gold narrow range bound

November 28, 2018 Ben Yung 0

Seasonal cycle favors the yellow metal to have a rebound to test 1350 to 1700 resistances. Yet, a holiday atmosphere seems to have developed and slowed down the market momentum. Gold is forming a giant […]


GOLD – Bull Weak

November 27, 2018 Ahmad Lokman MSTA CFTe MATA 0

We still maintain our previous bearish projection for GOLD as the price still unable to break away above reversal zone. We projected previously that price will reach  TP1 on daily (1197). Then price rebounded upward […]


WTI – 200 week MA broken last week

November 26, 2018 Guven Baykus 0

The sales pressure continued last week and we saw an unexpected weekly closing below its 200 week SMA at 52.2. The main reason behind the downward trend in prices is supply and demand imbalance. Even though […]

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