Dow surged from intraday lows!

December 7, 2018 Jackson Wong PhD 0

Stock markets were in a bad shape yesterday. Confidence melted steadily away throughout the day and many stocks were steep in the red. But there was a fightback towards the end. For Dow, it reversed […]


FTSE 100 Remains Rangebound

November 30, 2018 Akif Din 0

FTSE 100 Futures started the last day of November on the back foot, trading down 0.8%. Mining shares led the decline as Chinese manufacturing data came in weaker than expected. Traders and investors will be […]


A Big Bounce in US Stocks!

November 29, 2018 Jackson Wong PhD 0

Earlier this week, I warned that chasing the US stock market lower would be risky (see here). This view was swiftly validated just two sessions later – when US equities surged amidst hopes of a […]

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