GOLD – Bull Weak

November 27, 2018 Ahmad Lokman MSTA CFTe MATA 0

We still maintain our previous bearish projection for GOLD as the price still unable to break away above reversal zone. We projected previously that price will reach  TP1 on daily (1197). Then price rebounded upward […]


DAX continue bearish

November 21, 2018 Ahmad Lokman MSTA CFTe MATA 0

Weekly Previously we have made a bearish view and projection for weekly chart of DAX as price already breached below neckline of H&S pattern. From current candle formation we still maintain our bearish projection and […]


FTSE100 bear resume?

November 9, 2018 Ahmad Lokman MSTA CFTe MATA 0

Previously we have made projection and view about FTSE100 movement and direction. Our view on weekly still maintain as the price still dancing around neckline level and to support bearish projection, the price is required […]

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