EUR/GBP bulls are poised to clear 0.8940

The 13 November low at 0.8656 was not confirmed by a corresponding new lows on the daily MACD and RSI indicators and bull divergence was noted. Since then the market surged to challenge the 20 October lower reaction high at 0.8940.

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While Wednesday’s long legged bullish doji low at 0.8810 holds, the chart structure continues to favours a clearance of the 0.8940 barrier. That would also confirm a two month bullish structure with scope towards an equality target at 0.9087, which is also in a close proximity to the year-to-date high at 0.9099 (28 August).

A lapse through the 0.8810 spike low is required to defer near term upside scope and suggest further consolidation ahead.

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Kamran has been practicing TA since mid 1990s. His last role was at Informa Global Markets (formerly MCM and S&P’s MMS), where he worked as a technical analyst for nearly 11 years at their London offices. He was a member of a global team of technical analysts, producing 24 hour live analysis for their subscribers, which included top investment banks, central banks, fund/hedge fund managers and other big market players). Kamran has in depth knowledge and experience of using TA on all time scales, developing trading strategies and trading systems. He has a special interest in inter-market and cross asset technical analysis. Kamran holds STA diploma in TA and he has passed levels 1 & 2 of the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) program (MTA/CMT Institute, USA). Currently he is learning to code, with an aim to incorporate machine/deep learning into his analysis.

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