Dow surged from intraday lows!

December 7, 2018 Jackson Wong PhD 0

Stock markets were in a bad shape yesterday. Confidence melted steadily away throughout the day and many stocks were steep in the red. But there was a fightback towards the end. For Dow, it reversed […]


Head-and-Shoulders Reversal in Dow?

November 19, 2018 Jackson Wong PhD 0

After falling sharply from 26,250 this month, the Dow Jones Industrials Index appears to be stabilising. More interestingly, its recent pivot low is sketching a technical pattern known as the Head-and-Shoulders (see below). Is this pattern tradable? […]


Dow Jones 30 versus Homebuilders

November 9, 2018 Dan Turmacu CFT, MSTA 0

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJ 30) closed slightly up at 26,191.22 level(+0.04%) on Thursday (November 10, 2018), but the two other US major indexes sold off during Thursday’s trading session. The US investors stepped […]

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